Natural Gas- and Biogas Analyzing Systems

EEE Anlagenbau GmbH designed modularized and/or customized systems for natural gas and biogas but also for systems mixing natural gases from different sources or natural gas with other process gases. Beside our standard systems we are able to supply any tailor made solution for on- and offshore applications. All systems will be completely workshop tested and pre-commissioned to avoid high costs for commissioning at site. The systems will be also equipped with a remote maintenance unit to avoid high maintenance costs by remote failure searching.

The main scope is as following:
- Gas Chromatographs,
- Wobbe-Index, Heating Value analyzers,
- Moisture analyzers,
- H2S analyzers,
- Total Sulphur analyzers,
- Combinations of all of the above.


Total Sulphur Analyzing System Arrubal/Spain
Gas Chromatograph Standard Rack Eisenhüttenstadt/Germany
Gas Chromatograph-, H2S- and Moisture (Water and HC) Analyzing System Shams 1 (UAE)
Gas Chromatograph System T-Power/Belgium
Gas Chromatograph-, Total Sulphur Analyzer Chana 2/Thailand