Natural Gas & Fuel Gas Supply Systems

EEE Anlagenbau GmbH designed modularized and reliable systems for the fuel gas supply with natural gas as well as systems mixing natural gases from different sources or natural gas with other process gases for stable conditions at the gas turbine. Beside our standard systems we can supply any tailor made solution for fuel gas systems, too.
All systems are skid based.

The main scope is as following:
- Gas Cleaning Solutions, Filters, Separators, Scrubbers…,
- Gas Metering Systems, Analyzing Systems,
- Gas Preheating Systems, Waste Heat Utilization Systems,
- Gas Conditioning Systems, such as Pressure Reducing, Mixing,
- Automation- and Safety Systems.


Fuel Gas Supply System Geregu 2 (Nigeria)
Fuel Gas Supply System Shams 1 (UAE)
Gas Supply System SCA Aschaffenburg (Germany)
Waterbath Heater Norhstream fuel supply (Russia)
Metering- and Supervisory Systems for Power Stations (Jordan)